Teen/Adult Karate

Students learn traditional ​Uechi Ryu karate similar to what is taught in Okinawa. Students master basic techniques, forms, drills, and conditioning exercises. Students who train over time may qualify for Okinawan black belt certification. Student practice free sparring as well as two person drills. Advanced students are eligible for dojo leadership and teaching opportunties.

Class times:

Tuesday 7:00-8:30, Thursday 7:15-8:45, Saturday 10:00-11:00 (all ranks), Saturday 11-12 Advanced

Kids Karate (4-12)​

Students learn the basics of karate safety and conduct, as well as blocks, punches and kicks. Students learn forms (kata) for each belt and begin to work on pre-arranged two person drills as well as free sparring. Classes are kid-friendly and incorporate fun and modern learning methods along with traditional teaching methods for the best results. Most classes end with a game that builds on karate skills.


Advanced students are encouraged to begin learning how to teachers as assistant instructors. They can then apprentice to become full instructors by completing training directly under Sensei Andrea and completing the Instructor Training series of four classes.

Students typically find that they gain more through service and the mastery that teaching requires than they had ever expected. Most teachers continue teaching for years to come.

Students have the option of signing up for the full program or for once a week classes at a reduced price.

Traditional Okinawan Kobduo (Weapons)

Students may elect to enroll in additional course of study in Okinawan weaponry. We are fortunate have two lineages of Okinawan kobudo teachers, who each have so much to teach us. Sensei Andrea is certified as a black belt in kobudo under Shinyu Gushi, and also under Alan Dollar, who is certified by Sensei Kinjo in Okinawa. We currently train under Sensei Doug Achterberg, who is one of the highest ranking Americans in Okinawan kobudo.

Kobudo studetnts learn the bo, sai, nunchuku, and jiffa. We teach basic techniques, forrms, and two person drills.

Social Events/Special Events

Right now we are offering occasion special events for students to enjoy. Pre-covid at least once a month we had fun social events for students and families to participate in. Past events have included game days, art nights, dojo campouts, dojo work parties, lazer tag, barbecue and pool parties, dojo tournaments, and many other fun events!

Past special events inlcude tournaments, guest teachers, joint workouts with other dojos, and educational events.